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Ship Bluenose II restoration

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Bluenose II restoration

As we know the original Bluenose was a Canadian fishing and racing schooner from Nova Scotia built in 1921. The schooner became famous for winning in several International competitions. The Bluenose is considered by many to be an iconic symbol of Canada.
The Bluenose II was built in 1963 by Oland Brewery as a marketing tool for their Schooner Lager beer brand. In 1979, ownership was transferred to the government of Nova Scotia.
In 1994–95 started the ship’s first restoration but only small amount of $2.3 million allocated for the schooner have been used for restoration works. It was well known scandal.

In July 2010, the Nova Scotia government awarded a $12.5 million contract for the restoration of Bluenose II to a consortium of three Nova Scotia shipyards. The original schooner was largely scrapped and the schooner was built from keel up with new materials. Some equipment and sections of the old schooner were retained, but the schooner is essentially a new vessel.
The new Bluenose II was launched in 2013 and then hauled back ashore for additional work. The schooner is currently in Lunenburg, Nova Scotia.

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